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Roman collection

Roman 6mm

Roman 3mm

Roman round 4, 5mm

Half Roman Lace 4mm

Roman Lace flat 4mm

Roman Lace Round 4,5mm

Roman Lace Round 3mm


Stella & Radiance collection

Stella 4mm

Radiandce 2,3,4mm


Classic collection
*Gold & Silver / Classic Ring Necklace
classic ring bracelet
Classic Bar Necklace

CLASSIC cuff 01

half classic cuff

Classic Hexagon Necklace

CLASSIC toggle bracelet

CLASSIC lady earring

classic ring 2mm

classic edge ring 02

classic edge ring 01


classic round ring


classic ring

simple classic ring

hidden classic ring

half classic ring 


Oblique Classic

Hidden Classic 3mm, 4mm

Classic Round

Classic 3mm 4mm

Simple Classic

Half Classic 3mm 4mm

Simple Classic With *Diamond

Half Classic With *Diamond


Modern Sqaure Collection
modern sqaure lady ring
moredn square A-necklace
modern sqaure classic earring
modern sqaure rocking bracelet
modern sqaure rocking necklace

Raindrop Collection Silver Rings

raindrop star ring

raindrop round ring

raindrop ms ring
raindrop love with ring
raindrop snow ring
raindrop big round ring  -  142,000
raindrop A-ring 15mm
raindrop A-ring 10mm
raindrop A-ring 7mm
raindrop A-ring 5mm

raindrop A-ring 3mm

raindrop round ring

raindrop line ring

raindrop angle ring
raindrop soul ring
raindrop lady ring
raindrop more ring
raindrop plat ring
raindrop pattern ring
raindrop love ring with Diamond
raindrop love ring / matt

raindrop love ring / glow

Raindrop Round Love Ring

raindrop with ring / matt

raindrop line ring


Raindrop Necklaces / Bracelets / earring

petite heart bracelet

raindrop lady bracelet

raindrop twin bracelet
raindrop leaf bracelet
raindrop cuff black
raindrop cuff clean
*Gold / raindrop bar necklace
*Gold&Silver / petite heart necklace
*Gold&Silver / round ring necklace
raindrop bar necklace
raindrop heart necklace
raindrop round necklace
raindrop chalk necklace
raindrop lady necklace

raindrop classic earring

raindrop big cross necklace
raindrop cross necklace
baby necklace
baby necklace SUN&MOON
baby bracelet

14K GOLD / mini DIA ring
14K GOLD / regular ring earring
14K GOLD / small ring earring
14K GOLD /3 ring earring
14K GOLD / heart earring
14K GOLD / ball earring 4mm
BIJOU / quartz 8mm X3
BIJOU / pearl & quartz

Rivet & Simple

Rivet Necklace <DIA, MOON STONE, QUARTZ>

Rivet Necklace, Quartz 7mm

Sentence Necklace

Simple band


HRM 01 Ring
HRM 03 Ring
HRM 05 Necklace
HRM 06 Necklace
HRM 08 Ring
HRM 09 necklace
HRM Heart Necklace
HRM 10 Necklace

Curve Ring braid
Curve Ring 21
Curve Ring 20
Curve Ring 19
Curve Ring 18
Curve Ring 17
Curve Ring 10
Curve Ring 10-1
Curve Ring 15
Curve Ring 11
Curve Ring 12
Curve Ring 14
Curve Ring 13
Curve Ring 08
Curve Ring 09
Curve Ring 04
Curve Ring 03
Curve Ring 07
Curve Ring 06
Curve Ring 05
Curve Necklace 06
Curve Necklace 07
curve necklace 08
Objet Curve Necklace 01
Objet Curve Necklace 02
curve snail
Curve Bracelet 03
Curve Bracelet 02

mask ring
mask bracelet
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